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Wild Foraged Dried Morels – 15g

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The delicious and elusive morel mushroom has a distinctive, meaty texture and nutty flavour. They are very popular for flavouring a wide range of dishes.

Morels are not easy to cultivate and are extremely difficult to find in the wild as they fruit only for short periods each year. Mushroom Network’s morels are foraged in the Western Cape and are cleaned, dried and packaged within 24 hours of foraging.


Ingredients: Dehydrated morels

Weight of contents: 15g


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The elusive morel mushroom is world-renowned for its distinctive flavour and spongy, meaty texture. Morels add a deep, nutty flavour to a wide range of dishes including pastas, casseroles, pizzas, soups, sauces, pâtés and many more.

These mushrooms fruit for a very short time each year and are extremely difficult to find. They are sometimes successfully cultivated in gardens but it takes a lot of expertise and patience as they grow slowly and require very specific conditions. Their light weight and the elusiveness of these special mushrooms makes them an expensive but very worthwhile option.

For information on foraging, check out the Foraging category in our knowledge portal.

Mushroom Network’s morels are wild-foraged in the Western Cape.

Usage Instructions


  1. Submerge the desired amount of dried mushrooms mushrooms in room temperature water.
  2. Leave to soak for 20 to 30 minutes, or longer if you’d like.
  3. Rinse rehydrated mushrooms under running water to remove any unlikely but potential grit.

Tip: Instead of throwing away the leftover water, use it as a broth in soups, stews, sauces or pâtés.  Make sure to strain the water before use.50


In their dried form, morels have a long shelf life and can be kept for a year or more in an airtight container without losing their flavour or nutritional value.

Tip: The leftover broth can be stored in a fridge for a few days or a freezer for longer.


We have made our favourite morel recipes available for you to try!


Ingredients: Dehydrated morels

Weight of contents: 15g