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Cordyceps militaris Liquid Extract 50ml – Harmonic Mycology


We source this Cordyceps militaris liquid extract from Harmonic Mycology, a South African based company with a fantastic reputation that consistently delivers high quality products.

Cordyceps have shown some promising results in animal and lab studies, with the potential to improve heart health and fight inflammation and have a long history of use.

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Cordyceps militaris liquid extract 50ml


Liquid dual-extract (30% alcohol). ± 25 000mg used per bottle, 500mg per 1ml serving

  • Cordyceps militaris* dual-extract
  • Spring water
  • Food-grade, certified organic ethanol (Karoo Agave spirit)


* Grown in Cape Town by Harmonic Mycology and friends


To honor the true spirit of craftsmanship and herbalism, Harmonic Mycology creates their liquid extracts the traditional way of slow extraction by first soaking locally-grown lion’s mane mushroom biomass in 43% alcohol for a minimum of four weeks. The cordyceps pieces are then removed from the alcohol and gently steeped in spring water for 4-8 hours. Finally, the tincture and hot-water extractions are filtered and combined to create a potent elixir of bio-available compounds with a total alcohol content of +- 30%.

Cordyceps have shown some promising results in animal and lab studies, with the potential to improve heart health and fight inflammation.

Cordyceps have a long history of use and with good reason. To summarize a very long list of benefits, Cordyceps are used by many for the following benefits:

  • Supports heightened physical and athletic performance**
  • Improves endurance**
  • Increased oxygen utilization**
  • Promotes healthy liver and kidney function**
  • Offers neuroprotective support**
  • Offers sustained energy**
  • Improved circulation**
  • Improved blood-sugar regulation**



A single 50 ml bottle of dual-extract should last approximately 50 days, with a daily dosage of 20 drops. For those who may have alcohol sensitivities, we recommend dropping your dosage into warm water to evaporate the alcohol before drinking.

It is suggested that one takes cordyceps liquid extract every day, and especially before physical activity. The main benefit seems to be long term so most importantly it should be taken on a regular basis.


You can visit this link to do some more reading on cordyceps mushrooms.

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your physician regarding the use of this product during pregnancy. Taking cordyceps may increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders, do not use before surgery.