Please note that we are currently changing our base of operations, there will temporarily be an additional lead time of 1 week for orders.

Pre-poured LME Agar Plates


A pack of 10 pre-poured LME agar plates.

Comes with 50cm x 10cm of parafilm.

Plates are left for few days after pouring before being inspected to ensure no contamination is present. This means shipping may take longer than usual.

Included in the purchase of our pre-poured LME agar plates:

  • A pack of 10 x pre-poured LME agar petri dishes, sealed with parafilm
  • 50cm x 10cm of parafilm


Our pre-poured LME agar plates are another way that Mushroom Network is making mycology more accessible to everyone. The process behind making these plates (an essential tool in getting clean clean cultures) requires some expensive equipment and specific know-how, so we’ve done all the hard work for you!

If you’re not sure on how to work with agar, we will be releasing an extensive how-to article very soon!

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Our pre poured agar plates are made to order, so they may take a bit longer than our usual shipping time. We also wait a few days after they have set to make sure no pesky contaminants have found their way into your plates, so you can rest assured that what you’re getting will be squeaky clean.

We package our sealed plates in the original sterile packaging they came in, so as to reduce the single-use plastic waste. We recommend you only unpackage your plates in a sterile environment, and keep reusing this packaging to continue reducing waste.