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Mushroom Foraging Tips – October 2023


Winter decided to go out with a bit of a bang, throwing a cut-off low-pressure system that dumped an abnormal amount of rain over much of the Western Cape in a short amount of time.

Mushroom Foraging Tips – August 2023

Wood Blewits Western Cape

Recent cold fronts and snow on the mountains in the Western Cape will have brought out wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda). Unfortunately, the cold weather isn’t particularly suited to foraging other mushrooms until spring arrives, bringing morels, porcini, and more! Read our detailed tips on wood blewits in our August 2022 Foraging Tips. Look out for […]

Mushroom Foraging Tips – July 2023

Wow. Well, June was a washout! A fantastic month of rain normally means great things for mushrooms. But too much rain can also be a problem, especially in areas that were flooded. Mycelial networks that were damaged by floods will probably take some time to recover. A walk through the Cape Town forests recently didn’t […]

Mushroom Foraging Tips – June 2023

Blushers (Amanita rubescens) Western Cape

Winter has certainly arrived in the Western Cape, with the last week of May being very wet and cold. The rains this year have been excellent, and with excellent rain comes excellent mushroom foraging! The colder temperatures bring the possibility of finding the elusive and beautiful Wood Blewitt (Clitocybe nuda). These violet-coloured mushrooms are a […]

Mushroom Foraging Tips – May 2023

Shaggy Ink Caps, Western Cape

As Autumn winds down and winter makes its presence felt in the Cape, there comes a change in the mushrooms that are found and foraged. May is a wonderful time of the year with plenty of opportunities to improve your knowledge of the identification and edibility of various species.

Mushroom Foraging Tips – April 2023

Foraged pine rings, Western Cape

The Western Cape foraging season has started off exceptionally well with plenty of early rain. This normally hints at a great foraging year. March gave us a fantastic few weeks of foraging, with Summer Ceps (Boletus reticulatus), Bronze Boletes (Boletus aureus), and Porcini (Boletus edulis) popping up in good numbers all over Cape Town and […]

Mushroom Foraging Tips – March 2023

As March rolls in, the potential for foraging great mushrooms in the Cape increases. Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporeus sulphureus) is still abundant and can be found throughout March. The first frontal system brought in some good rain last week (mid to late February) and with this there is a great possibility of Summer Boletes […]

Mushroom Foraging Tips: October 2022

Spring is in the air and Morel season is coming to an end. As the days and especially the nights get hotter, the likelihood of Spring Kings popping up increases. King Bolete is another name for Porcini (Boletus edulis) and this is the time of year when conditions are often ideal for these delicious mushrooms […]