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Fungal Tree of Life Poster

Fungal Tree of Life Poster banner

Fungal tree of life poster by the László Nagy Laboratory – Biological Research Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

“Our research focuses on understanding the general principles of genome evolution with an emphasis on the evolution of complexity and genomic mechanisms of parallel/convergent evolution. We combine phylogenetics with comparative and functional genomics and transcriptomics to bring new insight to the field using the multitude of whole-genome information available nowadays. We use fungi as model systems.”

The above description might seem a little hard to understand. However, with talk of “genome evolution“, “phylogenetics” and “transcriptomics” it’s no wonder. These specialized fields of science fall under the general moniker of “Molecular Biology“. Molecular Biology works toward understanding relationships between organisms. The best visual representation for looking at the relationships between organisms is a “Tree of Life”. The László Nagy Laboratory recently published this stunning high resolution poster of the Fungal Tree of Life. This is not only a beautiful poster but also incredibly interesting and as can be seen, a very useful source of information. For anyone interested in the relationships of fungi, the high resolution imagae is provided below. You can download the high resolution poster here!

Fungal Tree of Life Poster

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