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Roasted Chestnut Mushroom Salad

We found this great recipe by Alan Bergot (Forager | Chef) for using chestnut mushrooms in a salad.

“A deliciously chewy salad or antipasti of roasted mushrooms marinated with oil, thyme, shallots and balsamic vinegar.”

We suggest that if you can’t find shallots, replace them with a small quantity of very thinly sliced red onions. As shallots are of a bit more delicate flavour, we ever-so-lightly sauté the red onions before adding, to lighten their flavour. Forager Chef also suggests adding walnuts or using a nut or seed oil instead of olive oil.

Get the recipe directly from Forager|Chef here

And remember, you can grow your own chestnut mushrooms with our ready-to-fruit grow sticks

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