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How to make a Shotgun Fruiting Chamber

A shotgun fruiting chamber is type of mushroom fruiting chamber that allows limited fresh air exchange while keeping high humidity. It is low-cost, but highly effective.

Things you’ll need:

  • 30l plastic container (found at shops like Mambo’s, Plastic Warehouse, Westpack etc)
  • 6mm wood drill bit
  • Drill
  • Marker
  • Perlite

Tip: When purchasing your plastic container, make sure you get one that has enough length and height for your mushrooms to grow unhindered. We’ve found that a length of at least 35cm and height of about 30cm works well.


First you will have to mark off all the points for drilling your holes. You’ll be drilling holes on all sides of the plastic tub as well as the lid. Your holes should be about 5cm apart, you can be as accurate or inaccurate as you like, all that matters is that you get some air into the chamber.

Optional step: If you’d like to go through the effort, put pieces of insulation tape over each hole before you drill it, this will prevent cracking and will make the holes a little neater.

After you’ve marked off all the points, use your 6mm wood drill bit to make the holes. Do not push too hard or you’ll crack the plastic.

Once all the holes have been drilled, try to pick off as many plastic bits as you can to make the holes as neat as possible. Don’t worry about getting them all, but getting the big ones is important.

Soak some perlite using a colander and running water, and then add that to the bottom of your chamber. It should be about 3cm deep at least.

Using a spray bottle, mist the sides of the insides of your chamber and the lid, then place your cut grow stick inside and wait for results!

Misting Protocol:

When doing your daily misting, you should make sure each “wall” of your fruiting chamber has moisture on it. It doesn’t need to be dripping with water, just enough to see the moisture. If you ever come to your chamber and you see that there’s no moisture on one of the walls, give it a mist!

Fresh Air Exchange:

If you’re not noticing any pins forming, your grow stick could be suffering from low fresh air exchange. Try leaving the lid of your SGFC open by a few centimeters. Depending on how your mushrooms react – try opening it more, or maybe closing it a bit.

Another sign of low fresh air exchange is when your fruits become “leggy”. This is when the stipe of the mushrooms is much longer than usual, and the caps tend to be smaller.

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