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Mushroom Foraging Tips: October 2022

Spring is in the air and Morel season is coming to an end.

As the days and especially the nights get hotter, the likelihood of Spring Kings popping up increases. King Bolete is another name for Porcini (Boletus edulis) and this is the time of year when conditions are often ideal for these delicious mushrooms to rise out of the ground, sometimes in large numbers! The ideal conditions for porcini are hot, still nights after rains. The best time to go out foraging for them is about a week to ten days after the rains.

Other prized boletes such as Oak/Bronze Boletes (Boletus aereus) and Summer Boletes (Boletus reticulatus) may also make their appearance as we head towards summer.

Remember to read our tips on ethical foraging, to help minimise your impact on the environment you are foraging in, and to ensure that you can return each year to sustainably forage from the same area.

These mushroom foraging tips apply to the Cape Town area and other parts of the Western Cape such as George and surrounding areas. They do not necessarily apply to the rest of South Africa.

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