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Mushroom Foraging Tips – July 2023

Wow. Well, June was a washout! A fantastic month of rain normally means great things for mushrooms. But too much rain can also be a problem, especially in areas that were flooded. Mycelial networks that were damaged by floods will probably take some time to recover.

A walk through the Cape Town forests recently didn’t reveal many mushrooms at all. The many new drainage lines from temporary streams likely caused quite a bit of damage.

With the recent warmer weather, there is a good chance for a variety of winter mushrooms such as pine rings (Lactarius deliciosus), and shaggy ink caps (Coprinus comatus) to appear. July is normally the wettest month of the year in the Western Cape, and there is an increased chance of snow in the mountains. Snow is a great sign if you’re after wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda), as they love icy cold temperatures!

For pictures of the above mushrooms and tips for identifying wood blewits and their poisonous look-alikes, refer to our June foraging tips.

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