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Mushroom Foraging Tips – August 2023

Recent cold fronts and snow on the mountains in the Western Cape will have brought out wood blewits (Clitocybe nuda). Unfortunately, the cold weather isn’t particularly suited to foraging other mushrooms until spring arrives, bringing morels, porcini, and more!

Read our detailed tips on wood blewits in our August 2022 Foraging Tips.

Look out for wood blewit mushrooms in hidden spaces such as under bushes and hedges in coniferous and deciduous forests. Identification tips:

  • Young fruits have a stocky build and violet-tinged caps and gills
  • Caps mature at 6 -15 cm in diameter with a slightly in-rolled margin
  • On maturing, the violet-tinged caps fade, turning slightly brown towards the centre
  • Gills are sinuate and crowded, with a lilac flush that turns buff and then brown as they mature
  • The scent is a pleasant light floral aniseed
  • The spores are pale pinkish-buff
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