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Mushroom Foraging Tips – April 2023

The Western Cape foraging season has started off exceptionally well with plenty of early rain. This normally hints at a great foraging year. March gave us a fantastic few weeks of foraging, with Summer Ceps (Boletus reticulatus), Bronze Boletes (Boletus aureus), and Porcini (Boletus edulis) popping up in good numbers all over Cape Town and the surrounding winelands.

The start of April has seen a continuation of the great foraging weather experienced in March. Over the next week or so there should be some perfect foraging days, so make sure to get out to the forests and check your spots. As April heads towards winter, the nights will be getting colder so make the most of the current conditions. There is still potential later on in April for another spell of warm nights following some rain which would likely result in another good flush.

Coupled with the early rain we’ve had, there has been an abundance of Blushers (Amanita rubescens) around and there won’t be a shortage of them through April. Just remember “a panther never blushes” – make sure you get your identification right with this mushroom and that you don’t mistake it for a Panther Cap (Amanita pantherina).

Another mushroom to look out for if our first big cold front does arrive in April is Pine Rings (Lactarius delicious).

So this April has great potential for abundant foraging. We hope many of you get to fill your baskets with delicious mushrooms!

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